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Resturaunt Reviews

Where did you eat last night?

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This is a place where you can come to let the world know about your favorite place to eat. Or maybe your least favorite place to eat.....or anyplace in between!

I'm planning on filing each resturaunt into the Memories, by topic. Topics will include type of food, location, and whatever else strikes my fancy. I would ask that you poke in there to see if the resturaunt that you are reviewing is there first, before adding it. If it is there, please add it to the comments, so that we're not looking everywhere for everybody's thoughts on the same place.

The Rules:

1. You must give an address! Makes it much much easier to find it if we know where it is. If you've searched, and can't find one, at least a city would be nice.

2. Give it some stars! We're working on a 1-4 star scale here, 1 being "Well, I know what to avoid next time!" to 4 being "Can we come back tomorrow, Mommy?". If you give it no stars, we'll all know to avoid the place like the plague.

3. Don't just give it stars, give it some detail! Why did you/didn't you like the place? How was the food? The service? Was it clean?

4. Check the memories, to see if the resturaunt is there already! It just makes it so much easier for the readers.

Easy, eh? So, tell us where you ate last night!