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Sep. 5th, 2004 @ 01:01 am Little Tree Sushi Bar
107 S Main St
Royal Oak , MI 48067


Little Tree is a variety of interesting things. A fantastic sushi bar, where you can sit and watch the chefs make the sushi. Interesting Japanese, Thai and Phillipine menu. Huge varity, medium prices. Really cool "Nu-Asian" menu and decor.

I had a Pad Cashew, which was "mild". It was incredibly tasty, but a touch too spicy for me to eat. Okay, I'll admit it...I'm a wimp! My dinner came with Tom Yum soup (which I'd never liked before, but this was fantastic), and a salad with a very unique fruity dressing that was really tasty. Jason had a Japanese noodle bowl with tofu and veggies. We also split an order of tempura veggies, and a veggie sushi. Everything was fantastic, including the service.

Actually, when we first walked in, we went over the menu, checking for vegitarian fare. The waiter that we had was very willing answer any questions that we had, and went out of his way to check on just how vegitarian some of the meals were.


Vegitarian: They do have a few things, but doublecheck before you order to make sure that it doesn't have fish sauce or paste in it. Most of the things that you'd *think* were veggie, weren't necessarily. There are several sushi, however, that are veggie. (of course!)


3.5 stars
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