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Aug. 28th, 2004 @ 12:44 pm Cafe Habana
417 S. Main Street
Royal Oak, MI
(248) 544-6255

For those familiar with Schelde Resturaunts, this is one of the newest. It's also one we hit with some regularity!

It's a small Cuban cafe, attatched to another Schelde place called Bastone. (We'll cover them another time.) Meals are inexpensive, but unique and tasty. We actually went there for breakfast this morning, as they have a good morning menu. I had a ham and manchego omlete, made with the serano ham, served with a think potato pancake-type thing, which was fantastic. The serano ham, though, does tend to be a bit too salty for me, and they are very liberal with it. Jason got Pan Tostado, which is their version of French Toast, served with a "fruit salsa", mostly strawberries and peaches. The stuff is fantastic! After trying my potato, he got one of his own, along with an order of toast. Their toast is a thickly sliced egg bread, that is not toasted, but grilled in butter. Yum!!!

Habana is also the only place that we routinely order desert after breakfast. They have churros, a deep-fried cinnamon coated tasty bit, that is served with a little cup of hot chocolate. Not powedered hot chocolate, but a thick, creamy blend of melted chocolate and milk. Dip those babies in, and eat up!

We got in fast this morning, but there were violent thunderstorms all night long and into the morning, so the whole downtown area was pretty much dead. When we left, we were the only people there! Needless to say, service was pretty darn good, and the food came up quick :)

My favorite part, though, is the Limeade. Fresh squeezed, a hint of vanilla and almost no sugar, it's superduper tart, and fantastically tasty. If you don't like sour, you might want to avoid this stuff.

Veg Status: They do have some breakfast stuff that is veg friendly, but only one dinner item that is. None of it is vegan friendly.

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